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6 Keys To Knowing If You Have A Great Barber

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Finding a good barber can be challenging.  Whether you’ve moved to a new city or ditched your old barber in your current, finding a new one can be tough.  But there are several tenets that are required to know if you have a good one or are looking for a new one.  By adhering to these principles, you’ll put yourself in a stronger position to knowing if you have a good barber and even asking the right questions.

Quality Barbers

Your barber operates at a very high level of accuracy and efficiency. More than 95% of his work is excellent. Lines are sharp and straight. Your hairline isn’t pushed back so it doesn’t grow in displeasingly. Your fade is perfect with no choppiness.  The haircut lasts more than a week. People ask you about your hair

Consistency In Hair Cuts

Keeping clients looking as good as possible come with some factors often unconsidered. Since this is a human service that’s performed rather than a physical product that can be obtained the consistency of the quality of the service can vary a great degree and unfavorably impact the opinion of the services and the individual providing those services. We grade barbers on an ABC scale, A being the best. A grade barbers are far and few between. Should a client be fortunate enough to have an A grade barber that client will always receive great service however over time they will be able to determine if the service is closer to 90% or 99%. A barber’s goal is to stay as close to 99% and never give a B haircut.

Timeliness, Availability, Present Ability

Your barber never stands you up. If they cant service you they let you know in advance and reschedule you. They work on a 15-20 minute flex schedule because everyone has a tendency to be late on occasion. They are on time and presentable. They always reach back out to you within 24 hours.

Skill Development

Your barber is constantly trying to develop and improve their skill set. By practicing tough service, trying new things and continuing education your barber is always adding value to themselves, which will ultimately add value to the services they provide.

Personal Ability – Gives A ****

Your barber truly cares about you your look and your well-being. In addition to the need to exchange money for a service, the barber-client relationship can be as important and special as that of a doctor or a lawyer. It’s a very personal business relationship that establishes bonds early. To allow an individual to do work on you with sharp objects on your head and face will develop trust fast. The barber is as powerful of an ear as a psychologist, because they had heard the triumphs and downfalls, truths, lies, secrets and opinions of thousands of people over time.  A client can tell quickly if their relationship with their barber is all about the money or if at the core they really care about people.

Barber Business Acumen

Your barber is always trying to develop himself professionally. They ask you for referrals.  They promote themselves on social media. They stay in contact with their customer base through phone, text, or email. They introduce you to other products and service that can benefit you.

Hopefully you have a barber that encompasses these six dynamics. By maximizing these six keys to being a great barber, one can create an environment for success make a lot of money and keep client very happy.

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